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Jon Zeolla

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Jon Zeolla is the co-founder and CTO of Seiso where he is responsible for cloud native security and compliance innovation. He works with Seiso’s most complex clients, actively contributes to open source projects, and shapes industry standards, primarily in the areas of Zero Trust, DevSecOps, and Cloud Security.

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  • 2023 Best Places to Work - Seiso

  • 2023 Cybersecurity Innovator Finalist - Seiso

  • 2022 Best Places to Work - Seiso

  • 2021 Start-Up Innovator of the Year - Seiso

  • 2017 NTHS Honorary Member

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Open Source Software

Current Work

  • Co-founder and CTO at Seiso

  • Instructor at SANS

  • Faculty member at IANS


  • Weightlifting

  • Mountain Biking

  • Chess